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by Chuango
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Put an end to crumbs, dust and dust bunnies

No matter what your floor looks like sometimes, one of the 4 suction levels is sure to get the job done for you.

It doesn't get any cleaner or easier 

It's all a question of setting

You can choose different cleaning modes (Auto, Edge, Spot, Random) depending on the room, the dirt and your preferences.

A vacuum that mops

Sometimes life's messes require more than a vacuum cleaner. Then you can switch to the water tank (included) and let the RV-500 simply mop.

Automatically full power

Once a clean is done or the robot needs a power boost, it automatically returns to the charging station to refuel.

Guaranteed not to fool you

With the recorded cleaning history, you can check when and where your robot was on the road. So you always know what your robot did while you were away.

Everything vacuums on your command

You can remotely control all cleaning tasks and commands for the RV-500 via the DreamCatcher-Life app or even start them directly via Voice-Control.

Cleanliness you can plan with

You can set your own personal cycles for regular cleaning, but of course you can always send the robot out in between if you have a spontaneous visitor.

Clean connection for your smart home

The RV-500 is compatible with many Chuango smart home devices. Via app, it can be connected to alarm systems, cameras or WiFi light bulbs, among others. So, for example, when you leave the house and arm the alarm system, the robot starts its cleaning tour at the same time. Clean and tidy!


Tæknilegar upplýsingar

  • Navigation: Optical flow sensor
  • Current consumption: 19V, 0.6A
  • Battery: DC 14.4V, Li-Ion 2600mAh
  • Power consumption: 28W
  • Vacuum cleaner container capacity: 500ML
  • Water tank capacity: 300ML
  • Cleaning time: Max. 150 minutes (suction power: quiet level)